Focus and Scope

     Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] ― is a public academic peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal on issues of theory and history of Russian and Slavic culture, philology and arts of a large time-span (from ancient times to the present day).

     Editorial board seeks to publish in-depth research of Russian and Slavic cultural artifacts in historical retrospective as well as introduces to topical issues of Russian and Slavic culture. Publications tend to be locally oriented (study of material and intellectual culture, spirituality, literature, languages, folklore, arts in Slavic countries) and comparative (comparative studies of analogues and connections in various Slavic cultures). We lay a special emphasis on cross-cultural studies, centered on comparative analysis of the Russian culture, literature, arts and the world ethno-cultural heritage from the ancient times to the present day. We welcome polycultural approach in studies which allows representation of the Russian and Slavic culture as a complex process of interaction of the local cultures all types, to detect the characteristics of various artifacts and phenomena of the world cultures and to expand our perspectives on specifics of interrelationships of the Russian and world culture, literature and arts.

     Journal`s priority is to provide an open area for all kinds of topical discussions of the Russian and Slavic culture, philology, arts as well as for the exchange of advanced ideas in history, theory and hermeneutics of etho-cultural heritage between Russian and foreign scholars.

Main fields of research:

1.​ Theory and history of culture:

– history of Russian and Slavic culture;

Theory of culture;

– philosophy and sociology if the Russian and Slavic culture;

– social and cultural anthropology;

– philosophical anthropology in the context of the Russian and Slavic culture studies;

– culture as a semiotic and symbolic system;

– culture and civilization;

– origins of the Russian and Slavic culture;

– system of values of the Russian and Slavic culture;

– cross-cultural communication;

– Biblical studies.

2.​ Literature studies and linguistics:

– Russian literature;

– Slavic literature;

– folklore studies;

– Russian language;

– Slavic languages;

– comparative and historical linguistics;

– ethno-linguistics;

– dialectology.

3.​ Art history:

– theory and history of the Russian and Slavic art;

– Russian and Slavic theatrical art;

– Russian and Slavic musical art;

– cinematic and other screen arts in Russia and Slavic countries;

– Russian and Slavic fine and applied arts and architecture;

– choreography;

– technical aesthetics and design.

     Although publication is essentially intended for expert audiences in the field of the Russian and Slavic material and intellectual culture, Russian and Slavic philology and Arts history, it does appeal to a large public, interested in current issues and retrospective analytics of diverse, multi-faceted and heterogeneous Russian and Slavic culture in synchronic and diachronic aspects.