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Evgeniya N. Stroganova

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Evgeniya N. Stroganova — DSc in Philology, Professor, A. N. Kosygin Russian State University (Technology. Design. Art), The Institute of Slavic Culture, Khibinsky dr., 6, 129337 Moscow, Russia. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0288-4287. E-mail: enstroganova@yandex.ru


Philological sciences




Vol. 58


pp. 179-188


July 14, 2020

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December 28, 2020



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The paper focuses on marginalia written in the home gospel of the authoress Elizaveta Vasilyevna Salias de Turnemir of Sukhovo-Kobylin family (pseudonym Evgeniya Tur). The gospel is preserved in Tver State Museum and is a part of the collection of objects that belonged to a family of the `field general I. V. Gurko, who was married to the eldest daughter of the Elizaveta Salias de Turnemir. The marginalia presented the chronicle of three families: Sukhovo-Kobylin, Salias de Turnemir, Gurko. They all left a noticeable mark in the history of Russia. E. V. Salias made notes on the blank pages of the gospel and wrote about events of her and her relatives` lives. They include birthdays, marriages and deaths. The notes help to specify information that can vary in open Internet-resources, such as the dates of birth of daughters Maria and Olga. Unknown events of life of younger sister Salias are also brought to life thanks to the marginalia. At the same time, the brother Alexander Vasilyevich Sukhovo-Kobylin is not mentioned in the notes. This fact provides a proof about the complicated relationship between Elizaveta and Alexander. As for marginalia about her son Evgeniy Andreyevich Salias, who was a historical novelist, they are of value in terms of the research of their biographies and their relationship. 


E. V. Salias de Turnemir, home gospel, marginalia, family life, biographical materials.


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