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Marianna V. Kaplun

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Marianna V. Kaplun, PhD in Philology, Senior Researcher, А. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Povarskaya 25 а, 121069 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: tangosha86@mail.ru


History of Arts




Vol. 54


pp. 265–275


August 29, 2019

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December 28, 2019

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85.333(2) + 85.333(4Фра) + 83.3(2Рос=Рус)


In the 16th–17th centuries many European theaters were stage venues with a constant repertoire and static decoration techniques. Due to the activities of the Ambassadorial order of the second half of the 17th century the first performances began to penetrate into Russia, and France during the reign of King Louis XIV played a special role in it. On the example of the activities of the first theater building in Russia, the last third of the 17th century the Chorina comedy and Hôtel de Bourgogne (theatre) in Paris can be traced to the development of theater in the 16th–17th centuries. The first Russian plays reflected themes, images, and plots from the repertoire of Hôtel de Bourgogne (theatre), where farces, morality, and tragicomedy coexisted. A mixture of the foundations of simultaneous scenery and perspective designs can be found in organization of stage space in France and in Russia. The consideration of the repertoire and scenography of the Russian and French theater of the 16th–17th centuries makes it possible to explore the first Russian theater in the context of the Western European theater tradition and to reveal patterns in the formation and organization of the Russian theater of the specified period.


the Chorina comedy, Hôtel de Bourgogne (theatre), Russian drama of the last third of the 17th centuries, French drama of the 16th–17th centuries, Russian theater, French theater, scenography, repertoire, theatrical and decorative art, tragicomedy.


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