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Gleb P. Pilipenko

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Gleb P. Pilipenko — PhD in Philology, Senior Researcher, Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky Ave, 32A, 119991 Moscow. Russia. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5422-0039 E-mail: glebpilipenko@mail.ru


Philological sciences




Vol. 63


pp. 247–267


December 03, 2020

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February 06, 2021

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March 28, 2022



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81.2-67 + 83.3(4Ита=416)


The study was supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation 20-78-10030 “Linguistic and cultural contacts in сonditions of social transformations among national minorities of the Alpine-Pannonian region”.


The paper deals with the perception of Trieste in the narratives of representatives of Slovenian minority community in Italy in the aspect of Slavic-Romance language and cultural contacts. Basing on his own field study, as well as, lexicographic data and ethnographic literature, the author analyzes words and utterances (including phraseological units) that mention Trieste, related toponyms and socio-economic practices. While paying special attention to the language situation in the city and neighboring villages, the paper also discusses significance of the Italian language and the local dialect of Trieste as well as borrowed Slavic lexemes and expressions, their functioning in the speech of citizens. Linguistic and cultural identity of this group of Slovenian informants is closely related to Trieste. On the one hand, the informants associate Trieste with predominance of the Italian language, which manifests in their speech as code switching forms, on the other, they recognize the importance of Trieste in a socio-economic and cultural life of all Slovenes. The parallel co-existence of two communities has recently undergone changes: italophone residents of the city discover homogeneous Slovenian settlements, so that the new language situation is in statu nascendi.


Slovenian language, Italian language, Trieste, dialect, field study, Italy, narrative, toponyms, code switching, identity. 


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