The history of «Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures]» journal


Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] was founded in January, 2000 at the discretion of the first rector of FSBEI HPE “The State Academy of Slavic Culture',” DSc in Philosophy, professor Izolda K. Kuchmayeva (1936–2014). The project was conceived as an academic and literary almanac (Size: 60х84/8. Cover & layout design by Yu.G. Kuchmayeva, PhD in Culturology), reflecting main directions of the Academy`s activities, mainly within the studies of culture.

The DSc in Philology, professor L.A. Sugay became the editor-in-chief of the almanac. Editorial board consisted of archimandrite Iyeronim (Karpov), PhD in Theological Sciences, Associate ProfessorS.I. Bazhov, PhD in Philosophy, Professor FSBEI HPE “GASK;” G.А. Bogatova, DSc in Philology, Professor; M.N. Gromov, DSc in Philosophy, ProfessorV.M. Zakharov, DSc in Culturology, Professor, People’s Artist of Russia; I.I. Kaliganov, DSc in Philology, Professor; V.F. Kozlov, PhD in Historical Sciences, Professor of FSBEI HPE “GASK;” A.K. Konenkova, PhD in Culturology, ProfessorI.K. Kuchmayeva, DSc in Philosophy, Professor, President of FSBEI HPEVPO “GASK;” V.I. Melnik, DSc in Philology, Professor; G.P. Melnikov, PhD in Historical Sciences, Professor of FSBEI HPE “GASK;” E.A. Orlova, DSc in Philosophy, Professor; G.A. Pozhidayeva, DSc in Art History, Professor; V.N. Rastorguyev, DSc in Philosophy, Professor;Yu.V. Robinov, Professor of FSBEI HPE “GASK;” V.V. Selivokhin, Professor, People’s Artist of RussiaM.V. Silantyeva, DSc in Philosophy, Professor of FSBEI HPE “GASK;” I.G. Strakhovskaya, PhD in Chemistry, Professor of FSBEI HPE “GASK;” V. I. Shamshurin, DSc in Sociology, Professor.

The first three issues of the almanac were published in 2000 (No. 1–3). No. 4 issue — in 2001. The double issue (No. 5–6) appeared in 2002, followed by two more issues in 2003 (№ 7–8). Then publishing stopped.

Later the publication of the journal Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] was renewed at the initiative of the new rector of FSBEI HPE “GASK” Alla K. Konenkova, the PhD in Culturology, professorIn 2008 two double issues were published — No. 1–2 (IX), No. 3–4 (X).The DSc in Philology, Professor, V. I. Melnik became the editor-in-chief and while the editorial board remained the same.

By the end of 2008 journal was registered in Federal service on legislation observance in sphere of communication, information technologies and mass communications (The registration certificate ПИ№ ФС77-34636 of December 2, 2008), being no longer an exclusively intramural academic publication. At the discretion of the rector A.K. Konenkova the journal`s size was changed, remaining 70x108 1/16 ever since. Professor of FSBEI HPE “GASK” Victoria Evgenyevna Guseva, member of the Union of artists of Russia (1997) has designed the new journal`s cover. Since 2009Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] has been published quarterly (in March, June, September, December) with a constant subscription index in the catalog ‘Newspapers. Journals’ of ‘Rospechat’ (Federal agency on press and mass communications)’ — 83274 (originally in the catalog ‘Editions of Bodies of Scientific and Technical Information’ under number 66010). Irina Glebovna Strakhovskaya, PhD in Chemistry, vice rector for research, professor of FSBEI HPE“GASK,” held position of the acting editor-in-chief in the first number in 2009 (later on till 2013 served as deputy editor-in chief).

In April 2009 Mikhail N. Gromov, DSc in Philology, professor, became the editor-in-chief of the journal. It is in 2009 that new concept of Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] was developed  and realizedComplex approach to studies of historical and modern issues of Slavic cultures in a context of the world humanitarian problems underlying the journal`s concept, appropriately translated into its main sections` set: “Issues of Culturology and Philosophy, Issues of of Culturology and History, A literary discourse in a cultural context (subsequently cancelled), Issues of Philology, The literary heritage of Old Russia (further — The heritage of Old Russia), Art criticism issues, The general issues of psychology.” In 2010 Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] is for the first time included on the List of periodicals recommended for publishing the papers of applicants for a degree by VAK (Higher Attestation Commission for academic degrees and titles of RF).

At the end of 2013 – beginning of 2014 the journal underwent a new reform resulting in the establishment of the new International editorial council and changes in the editorial board, subject sections and submission guidelines.

Starting from the 1 July 2015 there are three regular subject sections in the journal Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] as approved by the editorial board`s decision: “Theory and history of culture,” “Philological sciences,” “Art history.”

In the fall of 2015 in compliance with the order of the Ministry of education and science of RF №1124 of 12 October 2015 FSBEI HPE “The State Academy of Slavic Culture” underwent restructuring through merger with FSBEI HPE “Moscow State University of Design and Technology.” Basing on the order of the rector №385-о of 31 December 2015 starting from 1 January 2016, the Academy became educational subdivision FSBEI HPE “MGUDT” and was renamed the Institute of Slavic culture.

In the fall of 2016 in compliance with the order of the Ministry of education and science of RF № 1319 of 20 October 2016 FSBEI HE “Moscow State University of Design and Technology” was renamed federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education “Kosygin Russian State University (Technologies. Design. Art)”.

At the present day the academic peer-reviewed journal in the field of humanities Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] is published with a support from the new founder — FSBEI HE “Kosygin Russian State University” represented by its rector, DSc in Sociology, Professor Valery S. Belgorodskiy, vice rector for international relations, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Mikhail G. Balykhin and vice rector for teaching and learning, DSc in Economics, ProfessorSergey G. Dembitskiy.

Due to the change of the founder in January 2017 the journal was reregistered with the Federeal Agency for press and mass communications. New registration Certificate: ПИ № ФС77-68467 of January, 27, 2017.

In February 2017 Oksana A. Zapeka, PhD in Philosophy, Professor, was elected to take up the position of the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Vestnik Slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] (formerly, as of 2014, deputy editor-in-chief). Deputy editor-in-chief — Оlga А. Tufanova, DSc in Philology (from 2008 — managing editor, from July 2016 — deputy editor-in-chief). Managing editor (from February 2017) — Кsenia К. Maslova, editor and translator (from October 2016) —Mikhail V. Rudakov, PhD in Culturology (from 2008 through September 2016 translator reviser of the journal —Liliya V. Kovtun, PhD in Culturology). Under new editor-in-chief the journal`s concept and the articles submission guidelines have undergone requisite revision along with the renewal of the International editorial council, Editorial board and appropriate adjustments of the journal`s website, layout and cover design.