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Evgeniya N. Stroganova

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Evgeniya N. Stroganova — DSc in Philology, Professor, A. N. Kosygin Russian State University, The Institute of Slavic Culture, Khibinsky pr. 6, 129337 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: enstroganova@yandex.ru


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Vol. 53


pp. 146–155


May 06, 2019

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September 28, 2019

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The encyclopedia “M. E. Saltykov and his contemporaries”, conceived as a multi-purpose handbook including biographical, philosophical and creative facts about the writer's life, presents a wide array of Saltykov's contemporaries mentioned in his biography or in his works. The present paper reveals names of the people who were close to another famous Russian writer N. A. Nekrasov and at the same time connected with Saltykov during his time as a staff member of journal “Sovremennik” and a co-editor of “Otechestvennye Zapiski”. Although they were not close friends, their relations and social contacts were determined by cooperation in the journal. Saltykov was acquainted with the poet’s sister, A. A. Butkevich, to whom Nekrasov bequeathed all the authors’ rights, with the engineer A. N. Erakov, whom the poet called his ‘only friend’, and with the children of the latter, L. A. Erakov and V. A. Erakova-Danilova. They all played significant role in their fields of activity and in the lives of people whom they were close to. Nowadays their names are mostly known due to their closeness to Nekrasov and Saltykov.


encyclopedia, M. E. Saltykov, N. A. Nekrasov, A. A. Butkevich, the Erakovs, close relationship, epistolary anecdotes.


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