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Olga V. Orfinskaya

Bella L. Shapiro

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Olga V. Orfinskaya — PhD in History, Senior Researcher, Likhachev Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage, Kosmonavtov St., 2, 129301 Moscow, Russia. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5473-805X. E-mail orfio@yandex.ru

Bella L. Shapiro — PhD in History, Associate Professor of Museology Department, Russian State University for the Humanities, Miusskaya Sq., 6, 125993 Moscow, Russia. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5616-8898. E-mail b.shapiro@mail.ru


Theory and history of culture




Vol. 62


pp. 23–35


June 29, 2020

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December 28, 2021



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This paper discusses a costume complex from the burial of the Princess Natalya Alexeevna Romanova, the sister of Emperor Peter II. The burial of the young Princess took place in a dynastic necropolis of the Ascension Monastery of the Moscow Kremlin in January 1729, among dozens of tombs of Great Duchesses, Queens And Princesses. Two hundred years later, with the destruction of the monastery, by the efforts of museum and scientific staff, all the sarcophagi of the necropolis moved to the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Here is where their research began as part of a large project “Historical Necropolis” (supervisor T. D. Panova). The costume complex from the burial of Princess Natalya Romanova was studied and restored in 2008–2010 under the highest category restorer in textile and leather N. P. Sinitsyna`s guidance. However, not all the items from the burial have survived to our days — only the princess's dress, her order things, stockings and part of a heavily ruined headdress have been preserved. The other part of the costume complex has been lost for various reasons and at different times (Grand Duke's Mantle, funeral crown, wig, shoes, etc.). This research came as an attempt to present the funeral costume complex in its integrity.


The Romanovs, monastic archeology, dynastic archeology, necrosphere of ritual, history of costume, textiles, Moscow Kremlin Museums.


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